Goddess Zaria - Fiery Findom

I am the sun-kissed glow of dawn breaking and the honey filled dew of the evening air. My hair flows around Me like sparkling strands of glittering amber and gold. My skin is softer than the felt of a rose petal; My lips, lusciously red filled with the sweet nectar of desire; cleaver. My physique fails to fit an hourglass shape because "I broke the mold" w the seductive curves I tauntingly sway when I'm ready to play.

All things fall to My Omnipotent Grace and are by My Will...My desire. I am the beginning and the end, the provider and confiscator of pleasure and satisfaction. I am both incomprehensible benevolent blessing and devastating curse that possess your soul.

I am Goddess Zaria, of Beauty and Purity. My desire is to mature betterment from within you. I am overwhelmingly gracious but do NOT invoke My ire for no man can withstand My wrath and fury. I inspire your heart to both love and fear Me, appropriately.

I am everything you work hard for; your prayer answered; fantasy turned reality. your ruler, your Goddess

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